“Thank you Blake, I appreciate it,” Legend jokingly expressed. “I never thought that you would say that about me, that’s very kind. Carter, I turned for you early on. You sounded polished, you sounded strong. Your voice has control, which a lot of people your age wouldn’t have. Your tone is just piercing and brilliant, and it just shimmers out there.”

Legend went on to note that Rubin is the youngest contestant he has turned for.

“My son, he’s 14 years old, so I could be like a mom figure for you, because I am a mom so you could feel very comfortable around me,” Stefani countered. “I loved your voice. When you got into your real full, full voice, the tone was so beautiful, it was shocking to me. One thing I could help you with that you probably don’t have tons of experience with is being on TV and being able to have that stage presence because you’re going to be picking songs that need to be age appropriate. This song might be something that you didn’t experience yet. I can help you to wrap your head around that emotion and your style and how you’re going to dress and present yourself.”

With two great judges in front of him, it came time for Rubin to make a choice. Watch his audition below, and see who he picks when The Voice airs on Monday (Oct. 26) and Tuesday (Oct. 27) on NBC.


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