If you live in Arizona, Florida or Pennsylvania, chances are you’ve heard either Alejandro Fernández‘s “Decepciones” or Bad Bunny‘s “Pero Ya No” on new Joe Biden campaign ads.

In an effort to target undecided Latino voters in three key swing states, the Democratic presidential candidate released today (Aug. 38) in Pennsylvania and Florida the ad featuring Bunny’s “Pero Ya No” as footage of empty Trump rallies, Trump’s tossing of paper towels to Puerto Ricans post-Hurricane Maria and COVID-19 first responders plays in the video.

“Before I loved you but not anymore. Before I was there for you but not anymore,” sings El Conejo Malo.

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In Arizona, the Latinx community is hearing Alejandro Fernández’s “Decepciones (Disappointments)” ft. Calibre 50 as images of families at the border, kids sleeping in cages and the building of the wall appear on the screen. “They’re bringing crime, they’re rapists,” we hear Trump in the video.

“If we’re talking about disappointments, yours I think has been the most hurtful,” sings Fernández.

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The ads drop after both Biden and Trump, who is seeking reelection, accepted their respective party’s nomination during the DNC and RNC.

More than 32 million Latinos are eligible to vote nationwide in the Nov. 3 presidential elections with Latinos now the largest minority group in the electorate, according to the Pew Research Center.


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