Bad Bunny may have been named songwriter of the year at the 2020 ASCAP Latin Music Awards in July, but that hasn’t stopped people on social media from questioning his victory due to his sometimes explicit lyrics. But the artist has a response to his critics, and it comes in the form of new music.

In a surprise track released Sunday (Aug. 30), Bunny sends a message to his haters, expressing that there are more important issues going on in the world. “They fight because they gave me composer of the year but not for what matters,” he belts in the song.

Called “Compositor del Año” (and with a Soundcloud link that ends in “f–k2020”), the Puerto Rican artist opens up about the ongoing social issues such as racism, immigration, the importance of voting and much more.

Sampling Little Richard’s 1955 classic “Tutti Frutti,” Bunny’s 2-minute, 34-second song is a rap freestyle in which he first and foremost reminds fans that he went from an altar boy to a trap star. He then mentions the Black Lives Matter movement, saying, “It’s 2020 and racism is worse than COVID/ A black man with a gun, that’s a criminal, but if he’s white, they say that’s a hobby.”

“There are more important things than sitting down to criticize the achievements of an artist,” he continues, such as encouraging the youth to vote. “There are more important things like fighting for the rights of immigrants.”

At the end of the track, the “Yo Perreo Sola” singer expresses his dream to change the world and end poverty. “But I can’t; it’s not my fault,” he says. “Before being born, all of this already existed. We only have to teach and learn, live and grow. Understand that we will always see something that will hurt us. To have faith, to believe that it is going to be possible.”

Listen to “Compositor Del Año” below.


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