Bad Bunny literally stopped traffic during his first-ever virtual concert, held live from New York City on Sunday (Sept. 20).

Wearing all black, and rocking a new hairdo and goatee, the Puerto Rican artist performed his first live show of 2020, presented by Uforia Live.

“It was difficult for me to do a concert without an audience. I didn’t want to,” Bunny said during the two-hour event that aired simultaneously on the Uforia Music app and his YouTube channel. “But I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it.”

More than one million fans were connected during the virtual event. Below, check out highlights from Bad Bunny’s live stream:

A moving concert: Kicking off at Yankee Stadium, the award-winning artist performed the entire live show on top of a moving bus that navigated through the Bronx, Washington Heights and other New York locations. “This is the city where I’ve performed the most during my career,” he said.

YHLQMDLG: After dropping the set on Feb. 29, Bad Bunny finally performed songs from his studio album YHLQMDLG, including “Si Veo a Tu Mama,” “La Dificil,” “Pero Ya No,” “La Santa,” “Bichiyal,” “Vete” and “A Tu Merced,” to name a few.

Surprise guests: Straight from Panama City, Bad Bunny was joined by Sech for “Ignorantes.” Mora, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, performed “Una Vez,” and J Balvin, from Colombia, sung “La Cancion” with Bunny.

On his success: “Regarding my art, my music, and what is mine, I do as I think and what I feel,” he said. “I hope I have inspired people with my music and other artists to do the same and believe in their ideas.”

On the importance of voting: “We must vote and raise our voices because it boils down to giving ourselves respect as people and as Latinos. That’s why you have to go vote.”

More hits: Bad Bunny also performed some of his greatest hits, such as “Ni Bien, Ni Mal,” La Romana,” “Si Estuviesemos Juntos,” “Solo De Mi,” “No Me Conoce,” “Soltera (Remix)” and “Te Bote.”

The grand finale: The moving bus came to a stop outside of a local hospital, where Bunny performed “Yo Perreo Sola.” “Respect and thanks to those people who have sacrificed their lives in this city,” he said. “With a lot of faith in God, I sense that good things are coming. I know we are going through very difficult times. I have made thousands of mistakes, but my only mission is to try to be a better person every day.”

In case you missed it, watch the full concert below:

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