Two years after their album Con Todas Las Fuerzas, Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga (Banda MS for short) returned with an 18-track set titled El Trabajo Es La Suerte today (Aug. 14).

Staying true to their ranchera-tinged ballads and their showstopper banda sound, Banda MS recruited songwriters like Eden Muñoz, Espinoza Paz, Omar Tarazon, Joss Favela and Jhonny Zazueta to pen songs for the well-rounded album.

During an interview in May, Banda MS’ lead singers Alan Ramírez and Oswaldo Silvas shared details on the album. “We had 10 songs for the album and we thought, ok, these are enough,” Ramírez told Billboard. “But then we started getting other songs and had like 20 in total and so we had to start selecting which ones we really wanted on there, the best ones and the ones we like the most.”

“The hardest part is deciding which ones to cut,” added Silvas. The ones that made the cut include heartbreak anthems like “Lo Haces Difícil” and “Antecedentes.” Then you have the ones that will get you on your feet like “Redes Sociales” and “Esto Se Va a Descontrolar.”

Below, Banda MS’ lead singers Ramírez and Silvas break down five essential tracks (and some of their personal favorites) on El Trabajo Es La Suerte, exclusively for Billboard.

“El Trabajo Es La Suerte”

Alan Ramirez: This song gives name to the album and I know everyone will love it. The song was penned by Jhonny Zazueta, lead singer of Los 2 De La S, and honestly, he nailed it with this one.

Oswaldo Silvas: I love it because it talks about how things are earned with hard work and sacrifice. The title says it all: “To work is to have good luck.”

“No Me Interesa” 

AR: This song is by my good friend Javier Rochin. Although he’s an up-and-coming talent, we’ve recorded a few songs by him already and our fans have welcomed his songs. This song specifically talks about things that cause us pain and heartbreak.

OS: It gives the following message: you didn’t want to be part of my priorities and well now, whatever happens with your life, I don’t care.

“Lo Haces Difícil” 

AR: This song is by our friend Espinoza Paz, we’ve recorded many of his song also. “Lo Haces Difícil” is a beautiful song. Like the “No Me Interesa,” it also talks about heartbreak.

OS: It’s like when you love someone but that person doesn’t value you and the day comes when you have to end things.

“Cerrando Ciclos” 

OS: This is one of my favorite songs on the album and it was written by our friend Eden Muñoz.

AR: This song a is a bit difficult to sing because it has different voice tones we’re accustomed to recording. But, I think we made it justice and we loved how it came out. So check it out and enjoy.


OS: This song is by Omar Tarazon, also a lead singer of Los 2 De La S. We have a couple of songs by him on this album such as “La Casita,” “Redes Sociales” and “Dónde Están?” This heartbreak track will make you feel some sort of way. It’s about when that other person doesn’t value the love you have given them.

AR: This is a ranchera-style track similar to ones we typically record.


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