Day three of the Republican National Convention wrapped up Wednesday (Aug. 26), but it was a handful of crises on the sidelines which captured the hearts and attention of the American public.

Vice president Mike Pence delivered the closing speech on the penultimate day of the RNC, and debuted the line “Make America Great Again, again,” which immediately began trending on social media.

However, Donald Trump and the Republicans didn’t score on the social media leader boards with their pre-election powwow.

As the Category 4 Hurricane Laura neared landfall, high-profile players from the NBA and WNBA boycotted the respective competitions over the Jacob Blake shooting, and footage emerged of a heavily-armed teenager shooting two citizens — coupled with Tucker Carlson’s coverage of it — Americans had a lot to absorb.

Bette Midler, a tireless tweeter during the first two days of the RNC, called time-out as she and several other stars of music and entertainment weighed in on events across a troubling night.

See below.


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