“First Stream Latin” is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Carla Morrison, “Ansiedad” (Cosmica Artists)

Marking Carla Morrison’s rebirth, as she described this moment in her career on Twitter, the Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison returns to the spotlight with “Ansiedad (Anxiety),” an uptempo R&B-fused pop track that explores her own relationship with mental health. “I want to talk and I can’t. I want to breathe and I can’t. I want to be and I can’t … My anxiety.” she sings. “Ansiedad” is Morrison’s first song since her 2015 Amor Supremo album and it’s the first single off of her forthcoming album. Directed by Colin Solal Cardo (Charli XCX, Alicia Keys), the music video is a visual interpretation of a vulnerable Morrison who embraces and learns to coexist with whatever has been holding her back. Ultimately, she untangles herself from the ropes that kept pulling her back.

In the video, Morrison is joined by a group of dancers who take over a sandy lot for an elaborate dance routine choreographed by Kiani Del Valle. “The plan wasn’t to return to music this year, but fortunately she returned to me,” she said about the song. “Several years have passed and things have changed. I find myself singing from another perspective, from another notion. I had the great luxury of spending time with myself, and not only do I recognize myself again, in a way I’ve returned to myself. This time it’s different because my story is too.” 

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Wisin, Myke Towers, Los Legendarios, “Mi Niña” (La Base Music)

Longtime producers, Los Legendarios, composed by Marcos Ramírez and Víctor R. Torres, present their new single “Mi Niña” in collaboration with Wisin and Myke Towers. With lyrics such as “that’s my girl, anyone can fall in love with her” and “I want to travel the world with you, no other woman understands me,” the catchy reggaeton is a sweet homage to that special someone in your life. A music video directed by Nuno and Zitro in different locations in Puerto Rico shows the artists surrounded by beautiful models. Presented by Wisin’s record label La Base Music, “Mi Niña” marks the first single of Los Legendarios’ self-titled debut album out later this year.

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Pablo Alborán, “Si Hubieras Querido” (Warner Music Spain)

Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán unleashes a powerful ballad that finds a visibly heartbroken Alborán allowing himself to mourn the end of a relationship. Accompanied by a hypnotic bass line, Alborán’s emotional and passionate delivery really captivates you and, in a way, makes you feel for him. The single is a preview of his forthcoming fifth studio album Vértigo. Alborán co-wrote “Si Hubieras Querido” with Cuban singer-songwriter Diana Fuentes marking the first time he has shared song writing credits on one of his albums. “‘Si Hubieras Querido’ is about the heartbreak we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives, and the moment you realize that the person you thought loved you didn’t really love you as you are,” Alborán says about the track. “And how years of your life can be erased in a single day.”

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La Ross Maria, “Mi Regalo Más Bonito” (829Music Mundial) 

Hailing from the Dominican Republic comes La Ross Maria, born Rosa Maria Pineda, with her new single “Mi Regalo Mas Bonito.” At only 16 years old, the new talent flaunts her hoarse yet delicate vocals in an empowering freestyle about respecting women and treating them like princesses. “You can have 500 but only one loves you, only one loves you / and don’t fail her because she’s the only one who’ll die for you,” she expresses in the lyrics. La Ross officially kicked off her music career in 2020 under the wing of record label 829Music Mundial. “Mi Regalo Mas Bonito” landed on YouTube’s trending page the day of release. Watch it below.

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Camilo, “Vida De Rico” (Sony Music Latin)

Inspired by real life events, Camilo’s new song “Vida De Rico” documents the Colombian singer-songwriter and wife Evaluna move into their new home. In the heartwarming cumbia-infused pop track, Camilo sings “event tho I can’t offer you much, I can proudly say, everything I have is yours.” The music video, directed by Evaluna, features construction workers taking quick breaks to dance along with Camilo and Evaluna in celebration of their new home. “Vida De Rico” was co-written by Camilo and chart-topping songwriter Edgar Barrera. “I have wanted to record a cumbia for a while now and this song made it happen,” said Camilo. “This song describes me and what I’m experiencing. Although I’m singing it today, it’s also being sung by my inner 10 year-old who would sit with his parents in our balcony and imagine the house, the car and the future of my dreams. I dedicate it to Evaluna, my mom, and La Tribu.” 

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Corina Smith x Alvaro Diaz, “Drama” (Rimas Entertainment)

Up-and-coming Venezuelan artist Corina Smith and promising Puerto Rican talent Alvaro Diaz have joined forces for a playful and captivating trap called “Drama.” In the lyrics, both artists sing about two people who are in separate relationships but want to be together. “I know you don’t love her, that’s why you always call me / you can’t deny that you prefer me, thinking of me when you have desire […] but we don’t say anything to prevent drama,” Smith sings in the chorus. Directed by Juanchi Gonzalez and produced by Artok, a colorful music video with surreal and postmodern scenes, shows the two artists battling their feelings for each other.

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Jennifer Lopez & Maluma, “Pa’ Ti + Lonely” (Sony Music Entertainment)

JLo and Maluma really broke the internet with their two-part collaboration in “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely.” One is an infectious down-tempo reggaeton and the other is a bilingual sensual trap. Both highlight their vocal chemistry. Both are fierce and fiery. The two connecting music videos directed by Jessy Terrero and filmed in Huntington, NY, and New York City, tell the story of a couple who has a forbidden relationship. The clip includes both artists dancing atop a building in “Pa’ Ti” and a fierce chair choreography by Lopez in “Lonely,” to name a few. Watch it below.

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