9th Bote hit sacrifice fly to center, Kipnis scored. 12 0 9th Caratini grounded out to second, Heyward scored, Kipnis to third. 11 0 7th Caratini doubled to deep center, Heyward scored. 10 0 5th Bote homered to left (354 feet), Caratini scored. 9 0 5th Kipnis hit sacrifice fly to left, Schwarber scored and Báez scored. 7 0 4th Happ singled to left center, Caratini scored and Kipnis scored, Bote to third. 5 0 4th Caratini singled to center, Heyward scored, Kipnis to second. 3 0 4th Báez scored on error, Kipnis safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Hiura, Heyward safe at third on error. 2 0 4th Heyward doubled to left, Schwarber scored, Báez to third. 1 0


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