Grouplove hosted a Billboard Live At-Home performance on Monday afternoon (April 13) to raise money for MusiCares, which provides emergency aid to the music community.

After performing “Deleter,” “Places” and more songs from their new album Healer, released last month (“If you buy the album in its physical format, it actually heals you,” vocalist Hannah Hopper teased the online audience), the indie-pop group reflected on the last line of “Ahead of Myself”: “One more and then I’m goin’ home.”

“It’s weird times being at home. All the time it’s home. We definitely talk a lot about what will we eat next, what we’re going to write next, how crazy we feel, how anxious we are, and then how unanxious, and how awesome it is…. We basically go through the stages of grief every day,” Hopper, drummer Benjamin Homola and guitarist Christian Zucconi collectively discussed. “You have to go through it and then you come back and you start again. It’s getting a little easier every day, but then there’s these moments where it’s just like, ‘Oh my God!'”

But three of the orange-jumpsuit-wearing members behind a project named Healer demonstrated how music’s powers played into this emotional roller coaster regimen. Grouplove shared a new, unreleased song called “Sh Sh” (which Zucconi informed eager fans was a working title) born out of their creative burst during these unsettling times.

“Sh sh sh sh she said, she said we could fall apart/ Sh sh sh sh she said, she said we could fall apart together/ You’re such a f—ing mess I do my best, I do my best/ You’re such a piece of sh– and I love you more because of it,” Hopper bellowed in the chorus about a relationship that weathers the storms each person creates.

After the “love this song” comments came rushing in, Grouplove assured they’d drop the single soon.

Watch their entire Billboard Live At-Home concert above, and donate to MusiCares here.



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