Katy Perry disclosed to The Guardian in a new interview Friday (Aug. 14) that her and fiancé Orlando Bloom already nicknamed their feisty first child together: “Kicky Perry.”

It comes at no surprise after Perry revealed that her unborn daughter already learned how to rebel like a rockstar when a sonogram showed what looks like the baby throwing up a middle finger.

In her latest interview, Perry discussed how she was cutting it too close with the due date for the baby and the due date for her upcoming fifth studio album Smile. But production delays pushed back the latter date from Aug. 14 to Aug. 28.

She said she’s prioritizing her entry into motherhood over the traditional album rollout process, which the average journalist wouldn’t assume at this point considering she’s done nearly 100 interviews about Smile. Her original plan, pre-COVID, involved releasing the album, having the baby and skipping the tour. But now, every pop star is unwillingly following her last step due to the ongoing pandemic.

“But yes, I probably don’t have as much FOMO as I would have if the world hadn’t shifted,” she told The Guardian. “There is definitely a groundedness of: ‘Here’s the music, enjoy, love ya, I’m out!'”

Bloom also recently shared how much he’s been anticipating the arrival of his baby girl during his Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon interview this week. “I’m so excited to have a little daddy’s girl,” he said during the segment. “I hope she’s going to love me as much as I’m going to love her.”


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