The passing of Halloween means only one thing for Mariah Carey: “It’s time.” Every year, the undisputed Queen of Christmas uses her festive powers to herald in the official start of the holiday season, which only truly begins when she says so.

And while zealous Lambs start chomping at the bit to press play on “All I Want For Christmas is You” sometime in October, the superstar has always practiced a winking restraint, with her calls of “not yet” having become almost as much of a holiday tradition as the indefatigably merry hit itself.

This year, Mimi announced the start of the season with a cute Halloween-themed video, in which a door to a haunted house opens to reveal her in holiday pajamas and surrounded by Christmas trees and fake snow. Looking down at her watch, the star sing-songs, “It’s time,” as the unforgettable opening notes of her now-iconic Christmas classic chime in the background.


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