James Corden regretted that he cannot kidnap his pals in One Direction as fans have asked, but on Wednesday night’s (Sept. 9) show he did give them some hilarious unseen “Carpool Karaoke” footage instead.

Corden set up the bit by saying he never reads the comments about him and The Late Late Show on social media, but after allegedly getting “thousands” of requests for him to grab the guys — who are close friends whose numbers he totally has, by the way — and forcefully reunite them, Corden felt he needed address the situation.

So, sorry, he’s not going to leave his family in a pandemic, track the boys down all over the world, snatch them and force them to sing “Night Changes” in his car. “We already know that One Direction have enough to worry about when it comes to kidnapping,” he joked. “I mean everybody wanna steal their girl, everybody want to take her away.”

While he’s happy to ignore the more than 300 YouTube comments per week begging him to grab the guys, the more people ask, the less likely Corden is to pull off the caper, since it involves being stealthy, after all. What he did do, though, is go back and revisit his favorite 1D moments on the show and the iconic “Carpool Karaoke” that Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan recorded just before they began their Jan. 2016 hiatus, including some hilarious unseen footage from that memorable car ride.

Among the shots left on the cutting room floor during the Dec. 2015 shoot was a segment where they all went to McDonald’s and ordered some take-out — Big Mac for Niall, 10-piece nuggets for Liam and an iced tea for Harry — with Louis asking for a sausage McMuffin with egg and two hash browns and a chocolate milkshake, then returning the milkshake after changing his mind.

“Can I give you that back, I don’t want it,” the incredibly polite Tomlinson said to Corden’s annoyance. So sit back, relax and reminisce about Harry getting that awful Late Late Show tattoo, the quartet’s epic dodge ball tournament and the time Louis climbed into James’ lap and pretended to be a kitten.

Check out the “Carpool” video (which begins at 4:32 point) below.

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