The spotlight chases Lil Baby and other hustlers from around the world for Rockstar Energy’s debut Super Bowl commercial.

The 30-second ad spotlights the Grammy-nominated rapper and a cohort of professionals, including fashion designers, tattoo artists and barbers, who perfect their craft and gain well-deserved recognition for it. Rockstar Energy pro skateboarder Chris Joslin and 100 Thieves founder and CEO Nadeshot make appearances. Grammy-winning director Dave Meyers helmed the Rockstar Energy clip.

“I wasn’t born in the spotlight. Nah, I had to grind to shine, like a star on a hot night. And something about the struggle now resides in my muscles. And every trial and trouble helped define my hustle,” Baby narrates while his song “Errbody” plays in the background. “Real rock stars don’t chase the spotlight. It chases them.”


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