Yes, really: the pop pranksters have 10 songs to help you get through some bathroom tidying.

On Friday (Nov. 13), 3OH!3, that rabble-rousing duo from Boulder, Colo., returned with their first new single in years. “Lonely Machines,” a new collaboration with 100 secs, finds Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte recapturing the pop glory that turned singles like “Don’t Trust Me” and “My First Kiss” Hot 100 hits a decade ago, while also building upon more recent studio work for Steve Aoki, Maroon 5 and MAX, among others.

And while the 3OH!3 guys are excited to share “Lonely Machines” with the world, they’re also thrilled to share… their top 10 songs to clean your toilet to. Because, after all, what’s a little housecleaning when you’re stuck quarantining for months?


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