What follows a trip in a time machine to explore the founding of their bully pulpit: The Church of Lushtology, with a promise to release the “final lesson” in the form of Money Money 2020 Part II; at press time, no release date for the album was available.

In keeping with their treatise about the “devolution of man” always being a choice — a nod to the group’s obvious love of all things Devo — the fresh music from the mystery group includes a plodding, taunting track with the refrain, “We’re right, you’re wrong/ We’re right, you’re wrong and we told you so.”

Another track, the urgent, post-punk “Tarantula,” appropriately dropped on Halloween, but the piece de resistance is “Ivankkka is a Nazi,” a glitchy electro punk dance tune that features the blistering chorus: “Ivanka is a Nazi, she’s in the KKK/ She’s got a Gucci swastika and loves the NRA/ Ivanka is a Nazi, a white supremacist/ She says that she is kosher, but we know she’s a bigot/ She is a Nazi/ She is a Fascist, she’s a Nazi.”

In addition to tipping their masks to the sound and visual fury of New Wave icons Devo with the song’s pogoing beat, the biting, provocative lyrics (“The children in cages, a gulag/ Her daddy is Hitler, a demagogue”) taking on President Trump harken back to one of the band’s Bay Area punk godfathers, The Dead Kennedys, who harshly skewered California Gov. Jerry Brown by flipping a Nazi phrase on 1979’s “California Über Alles.”

Sticking with The Network’s playful denial of any ties to their alleged Grammy-winning alter egos, Green Day seemed quite upset that their former label home, Warner Records, have signed their “biggest nemesis.” to a recording contract. “WTF?!” Green Day tweeted in response.

Check out The Network’s musical return below.


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