Actress and comedian Niecy Nash is officially coming out — and she wants the world to know her beautiful new wife.

In a series of social media posts on Monday (August 31), Nash, the 50-year-old star revealed photos of her walking down the aisle with “rock and soul” singer Jessica Betts. She wrote in the caption that the two were now officially married. “Ms. Carol Denise Betts” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram, followed up immediately by a hashtag reading “#LoveWins.”

Nash announced her divorce from ex-husband Jay Walker back in October 2019, and she publicly elaborated on the process of getting divorced when accepting the Vanguard Award at the 2020 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon. “Trust that it is so much easier to walk in your truth than it is to run towards a lie,” she said at the event. “Make decision about what you now know. You gotta own the part you play, that’s important. You gotta forgive yourself and others.”

This is the first time that Nash has ever publicly spoken about her relationship to Betts or being queer. Betts, who competed in and won Missy Elliott’s reality show The Road to Stardom in 2005, confirmed the news in an Instagram post of her own, saying “I got a whole wife.”

Check out the photo from Niecy Nash’s nuptials below:


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