Also Clean, Pig, Numb and Fixed.

Nine Inch Nails have launched a line of face masks with a spot for interchangeable messages including “Dirty,” “Broken,” “Enraged,” “Numb” and more. In typical NIN fashion, the words on the black and grey face coverings meant to keep you safe during the raging COVID-19 pandemic are a mixture of dark and really dark.

They also include such uplifting thoughts as: “Fragile,” “Pig,” “Asleep,” “Broken” and Resistant” alongside the NIN logo. Okay, fine, they threw in “Clean,” Compliant” and “Fixed” for good measure. Then again, the expansion pack throws in: “Obsolete,” “Ready,” “Alone,” “Believer,” “Resentful,” “Delusional,” “Infected,” “Contagious,” “Withdrawn,” “Dead,” “Entitled,” “Disappointed” and “Doomed.”


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