Orville Peck just might be the ultimate show pony. Don’t believe it? Well, the unconventional Canadian country artist called his latest EP Show Pony. Coincidence?

On Monday night, Peck showed us what he’s made of for a late-night TV performance with his compatriot Shania Twain, with an empty dive bar their location.

Peck showed us some slick moves, his face hidden from view. Twain brought the class that comes with winning a swag of Grammys. And the pair had a moment with their rendition of “Legends Never Die” on The Tonight Show.

Speaking to Billboard earlier this year, Peck admitted he was star-struck by working with Twain. “I’ve been the biggest Shania fan my whole life, and she was literally the last person I got to hang out with before [self-isolating],” he explained. They’ve managed to hang out again, this time for the cameras.

Watch below.

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