J-pop viral sensation Pikotaro teamed up with a world-famous star on his latest track, called “PIKA to PIKO,” dropping Aug. 31. Featuring none other than Pikachu, the tune is meant to put a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike during these difficult times.

Pikotaro — the alter ego of comedian and music producer Daimao Kosaka — explains that he reached out to Pikachu to see if they could collab on a song for kids who aren’t able to play outside as much as they’d like to, even during summer vacation, because of the coronavirus and extreme heat that Japan is currently undergoing.

The “PPAP” artist says he had always been a fan of the iconic Pokémon because of their matching yellow hues, and wrote the song based on what he imagines Pikachu is saying. The track and video features Pikotaro and “Pikataro” awkwardly talking past each other, yet dancing and having fun together nonetheless.

“Mr. Kosaka’s sound is pretty cool too, so I hope Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran and more get a chance to hear it,” says the comic.

Pikotaro and Pikachu’s “PIKA to PIKO” is set to premiere during the finale of the Pokémon Virtual Fest being hosted on the Japanese social media platform Cluster, then will later be uploaded to Pikotaro’s YouTube channel.

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This article originally appeared in Billboard Japan.


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