“The only way we’re going to win this fight, a fight against injustice, is by voting,” he continued, calling this year’s election the most important of his life. “You must vote justice in and injustice out.”

He also took Trump to task for saying “stand back and stand by” to the white supremacist group the Proud Boys, noted that instead of promising to make Juneteeth an official national holiday, President Trump should be focused on reparations for “the work that we’ve all done for the last 400 years, unpaid.”

“When I’m in California hearing about a group of people that are trying to kidnap and murder the governor of this state [Gretchen Whitmer], excuse my language, but that’s some bulls–t. Unacceptable,” Wonder said, referring to the disrupted plan from a right-wing militia group to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic governor.

He also lashed out at the Trump administration’s repeated attempts to dismantle Obamacare and strip health care away from more than 20 million Americans (“we cannot allow that to happen”) and said that he’s more than happy to pay “a lot” more in taxes if it will help a starving child or stop a person from dying. Playing in front of a giant American flag, Wonder closed out the set with “Superstition.”

Wonder, 70, announced the release of the two songs last month, marking a break with Motown Records after 60 years to release music on his own So What the Fuss Music label.

Watch Wonder’s performance beginning at the 6:15 mark.


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