Another day, another franchise Travis Scott teams up with. This time, the “Franchise” rapper is leveling up with PlayStation to promote their upcoming console.

Scott’s expertise between the rapping and gaming worlds proves paramount in his latest business collaboration, where he serves as a strategic creative partner. He boasted on Sept. 25 that he already had his hands on the PS5, which isn’t set to be released until Nov. 12. And on Friday (Oct. 23), he posted a black-and-white promo video introducing the key team members who designed the next-gen console and himself being blown away by the final product. “TS5,” he captioned the clip on Twitter, which might also be teasing Sony PlayStation-branded Nike sneakers.

“I’m super thankful and excited to be able to bring my strategic and creative vision to the rollout of such an iconic product. I’ve always been a fan of Playstation and the brand they’ve built, and this is another example of finding a partner who believes in and trusts Cactus Jack to execute for their brand,” the Houston rapper said in a press release. “This is just the beginning of an incredible partnership.”


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