Travis Scott‘s McDonald’s meal has finally arrived and fans are “lovin’ it.”

On Tuesday (Sept. 8), Travis‘s highly anticipated collaboration with McDonald’s debuted on McDonald’s menus. As previously reported, the La Flame and Mickey D‘s collab consists of a “Quarter Pounder®* with Cheese, three pieces of sizzling bacon, and crisp lettuce; medium World Famous Fries® with BBQ Sauce to dip, and a Sprite®” on the side.

The new combo is $6 and will be available from Sept. 8 to Oct. 4. According to McDonald’s, the new combo will also be “exploring opportunities to support charitable organizations during the month-long program.”

While there has been some speculation that there would be an accompanying toy, MSN reports that there will not be.

While the meal designed by the Astroworld rapper is motive enough to drive fans to their local McDonald’s, fans are also looking to see if there is a toy or t-shirt to remember this moment for a lifetime. Many fans hoped a happy meal toy would be included in the promotion, especially since the collaborations a small figurine reminiscent of the Rodeo album art. Unfortunately, there is no merch included in the deal. McDonald’s employees were given the “Cactus Jack Crew” shirt, which slowly started to appear on eBay, with shirts going for $150. There has also been speculation that some will try and resell the burgers, but there is not telling how that will work out.

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