Chris Stapleton is delivering more Christmas presents than expected this year: His fourth album Starting Over comes out on Friday and he teased (emphasis on the teasing) an upcoming seasonal LP on Jimmy Kimmel Live! too.

Stapleton gathered no one around the Christmas tree except for a masked Santa Claus for a two-minute skit on Wednesday’s night’s Kimmel, where he sang “all the holiday hits you love with a bleak 2020 twist” from Chris Stapleton’s A Very COVID Christmas: Holiday Songs for a Pandemic. 

He strummed along to “Disinfect the Halls,” “Oh, Cover Your Mouth-Hole,” “Oh, Clorox Wipes,” “Oh, CDC… Oh, CDC…,” “Jingle Bells, I Can’t Smell,” and “Grubhub Night” with his glove-covered hands.


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