Taylor Swift finally put “The Lakes,” the bonus track of her Billboard 200 No. 1 album Folklore, on streaming services Tuesday (Aug. 18). But which extra song are you extra appreciative of?

The clever marketing move — considering “The Lakes” was previously only available on eight deluxe physical CD/vinyl/cassette versions of the album — has propelled her higher onto the charts. Two of her bonus tracks even jumped into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, “Jump Then Fall” from her 2008 sophomore album Fearless and “If This Was a Movie” from her 2010 LP Speak Now.

The singer-songwriter’s bonus tracks typically come in threes, as evident by the release strategy behind Speak Now (“Ours,” “If This Was a Movie” and “Superman”), Red (“The Moment I Knew,” “Come Back… Be Here” and “Girl at Home”) and 1989 (“Wonderland,” “You Are in Love” and “New Romantics”).

Both Reputation and Lover didn’t include such hidden gems, but Folklore brought back Swift’s secret weapon.

So which of Swift’s special bonus tracks is the most special to you? Vote below!


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